Sunday, November 2, 2014

Versatile Styles, Postpartum Shedding, Etc.

Heya, guys! I wanted to show you a protective style that I wore two weeks ago for a little over a week.

Do ya like? After taking this style down (only because my scalp was itching like hell), I wore a super bomb twist out for another few days. ;-)


My hair was still very moisturized when I did decide to wash it. I hadn't used anything to re-moisture it throughout the week, either. ;-) What I used to do the first style was the Shea Moisture Curling Souffle and my holy grail oil on top. That's all I used! That stuff usually leaves my hair sticky. but the stickiness wasn't that bad this time. In the past, I could never figure out how to use that souffle, and trying to do a wash and go with it back then always turned out a HOT

                                          Here's a video about my postpartum shedding!

I have also found a style for Symari (two year old) that keeps her hair in tact without her waking up with severe bed head. -__- It works very well! And when I'm done, I take the style out after 6-7 days and she can rock a super moist twist-out for another few days.




Jamian's hair is still growing. The rat tail is longer than ever, and so is his little fro on top. So cute! Some people mistake him for a girl, which I don't even see how, but oh well. He could care less. lol


Soooo, that is all for now, peeps. Check out the Facebook page for daily hair tips and tricks! Peace out till later! ;-)

~Epic Realist~