Thursday, May 30, 2019

Big Chop Update!

Hey, peeps! I haven't posted here since 2018! Just wanted to update you guys on how my hair is looking. If you didn't know by now, I big chopped in August! It's been growing back so fast and I love it.
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Monday, December 24, 2018

After A Wash & Trim...

Hey, curlies! I just wanted to say Happy Holidays from the Curly Clan!

I honestly haven't been doing anything new to the kid's hair. So that's why I haven't had much to report lately! However, here are picture of Symari's curls after a wash and trim last month, I believe.

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

FINALLY. A Decision About Her Hair.

Hey, guys! It's been a while. Again. Haha!
Here's a video discussing what we decided to do about Syriah's hair situation. I can't say that it's working so far yet, but I have some suggestions.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Her Hair Has Gotten THICKER! | Curls of Innocence

Heya, curly mamas! 🔻
I really haven't had much to talk about as far as hair lately, so I haven't written anything in ages. But now, I just want to say that everyone's hair is growing immensely! 
If you guys have been following me since their baby days. you know that Symari's hair used to be incredibly thin and fine. Long and wavy, but thin at nature. I didn't think her hair would ever thicken up, but it really has lately. Even my mother in law has noticed!

I haven't been doing anything new or strange with it. I just do as I usually do, wash and condition every 2 weeks, oil her scalp with my castor oil mix, use a leave in, and do a protective style with it. Yesterday, I took down her braids for a prepoo and even that came out beautifully, as you can see in the picture. Her diet also helps. They eat a lot of fruits and veggies, lots of water, and little sweets.
I still massage her scalp a lot as well!
I hope that helped someone a little!

                                           ~Curls of Innocence~
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

She Won't Help Me Detangle! -_- |Curls of Innocence

Hey guys! Today, I wanted to talk about something that was a little funny, yet annoying all at once.
Syriah is 9 years old now, as you know if you're following us on Instagram. So she's starting to think that she's grown in some ways. You know how kids are; once they get to that preteen stage, they think the world is against them in every way and they get lazy and they have a million and one excuses as to why they can't accomplish something. (eyeroll)

Lately, Syriah has denied helping me detangle all of this hair she has, and I do not appreciate that.

I let her have it for now, but each time she does this grudgingly, I let her know that if she doesn't start helping me take care of her hair, then I will either cut it or let her grow locs, because I have a ton of hair between her siblings and myself, a ton of housework, and homeschool duties to do as it is, so I greatly need help maintaining her hair. I make sure she understands the importance of this. Having long hair is a HUGE responsibility, and at her age, it's time for her to start learning to care for it.
She used to love helping me take care of it, not so much anymore. That's that laziness talking. LOL 

She will get it, though. I'm not worried. She'd better. Or it's just gonna go, snip snip! 

~ Curls of Innocence ~