Monday, August 24, 2015

~VEDA Day 19~ Hair UPDATES! My Growth, Trim, Shampoo From Hell, ...

Hey guys! I have so not been keeping up on this blog, but I will post this video here of my hair updates. Take a look!

VEDA Day 24~ CURLY CLAN Movie Review! | Madagascar

Here is VEDA day 24. Random cute idea. lol

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Where You At!? VEDA, Excessive VLOGGING

Heeeeey again, curly mamas! It's been a minute once again, so sorry! Been busy doing a million other things in life besides blogging. I will get back on it, I promise!
I have been doing a TON of videos lately, and I'm doing VEDA this month also. Another reason for my absence. It's so hard to keep up with social media and blog at the same time... while being a mommy.

Excessive vlogging is in progress. Will be back soon!
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