Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Quick Hair Color Tip & Dyed Bangs

Heya, curly mamas! I have a quick hair color tip for ya.

Before dyeing your hair, make sure that your hair is CLEAN and DRY. You will not get good results coloring on product-laden hair.

Also, the dye won't penetrate well if your hair is already soaked up with water. O_O

Have you permanently dyed your hair? Did you make any mistakes? Any regrets? Tips?
Click here to see what I did to get my new color! ;) 



Any questions or comments? Leave them below or comment on YouTube! Thanks for reading. Peace out!
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~Epic Realist~

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

╰☆╮Math, Reading, & Hair Gel REVIEW? | Vlogtember Day 11


Heya, guys! New video is live above!

Still doing the Vlogtember thing. It's fun! I love integrating hair tips and reviews into my daily life as I am able to. lol

This LA Curl Activator Gel is amazing! It doesn't even feel like a gel when it dries. It's nowhere near hard or crispy, and it doesn't have a weird lasting smell. Hair is still bouncy and big when it dries. I'll do a review soon on how it made MY hair look and act.

The only problem that I have with this stuff is that it makes Syriah's twists unravel once it's dry! That's how soft of a hold it is. O_O

Doesn't matter, though. I won't be using this stuff all the time unless I want to devote myself to wash and gos for the next few weeks. But because of the chemicals in it, I shall see. The KCCC that I usually use is a better option, ingredient-wise, but I don't like the results as much surprisingly. Life is pretty busy, and I don't always like to use my time twisting or braiding my hair to get defined results. So we shall see. Soon, Syriah will have a long lasting protective style... it's been ages since I took a serious break from styling her hair.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Peace out!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Shampoo / Conditioner Bottle Ratio? + Vlogtember Vlogs

Hiya, curlies!

I got some new products a few days ago. Nothing special, just some random gels at Walmart that I have yet to try.

I have already tried the Olive oil cholesterol stuff and the Shea Moisture gel before. But I haven't used that SM gel in over a year, so I decided to try it again. Last few times that I have tried it, it didn't work very well for me. It left my hair sticky, slimy, and undefined! So I wanted to try it again, just to see if the reason it didn't work for me was because it has coconut oil in it (protein sensitivity) or I was simply using it wrong... again. lol
The V05 stuff is so cheap that I've been using it a lot lately on the entire family.  Of course, the conditioner bottles run out so much faster than the shampoo bottles! 
The ratio is like; for every one bottle of shampoo = three bottles of conditioner. -______- #naturalhairproblems 
Those two other gels I have never tried. People rave about that ORS Lock & Twist gel, and so far, I see why. It worked wonderfully on Jamian's hair! Finger coils for the WIN! #curlsofinnocence

I will be reviewing this stuff on my hair very soon, as well as the other gel.  These aren't natural gels, but I wanted to try them anyway. I'm not that much of a #ingredientNazi anymore. I use what works! 
Enjoy the videos and peace out till later!

Random Cantu leave in style ;)

~Epic Realist~

Sunday, September 7, 2014

VOLUMIZED Twist-Out for Girls

Hola, guys!

These pictures from the collage above were actually taken last month, but I hadn't had the chance to put them together in a collage or talk about how I achieved this style on Syriah.

But it's not that hard. Originally, I had her hair like this... 

...and this style lasted for about a week. When I took the braids out, the definition was phenomenal! The moisture was still there, and the fact that I did center braids instead of side by side ones is what  created the voluminated look above. That's all I did last month to get that look, and I did it again a few weeks ago to make her hair appear fuller. This technique works so well, because Syriah's hair isn't very think. It's like a medium thickness, and sometimes, doing things like this makes it automatically look thicker. Awesome!
Her wash & go process goes well, too. I am currently out of shea butter (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!), so I have to use what I've got until I can get more. I still have KCCC left. I like the way her wash & gos turn out... much better than mine do! lol

Lately, I've been using this stuff with oil on top of it. I'm not too fond of the ingredients in it, but for me, it actually held up the moisture in my hair for almost two weeks now! O_O I am shocked, even though I have used this same Cantu product in the past and had bad results... results that made my hair seem coated. lol

But it's all good for now. Been a little broke lately, but soon, I will have a product haul to show you guys!  Right now, I am keeping my hair as protected as possible to avoid a ton of postpartum shedding. That has been going well for me. I have started a 'Vlogtember' series on YouTube, where I vlog every day this month. So, I've been uber busy, video editing every single day, homeschooling the kiddos, cleaning the house, cooking, and playing video games when I can. #mommyflow #SAHMflow

Peace out till later, curly mamas! #curlsofinnocence