Friday, July 27, 2012

Vanna Venom- Eccentric Hairstyles and Colors!

Hiya, ladies! Okay, I'm not exactly going to be biased and allow this blog to only be about African-American hair, or curly hair, or even natural hair. I like hair, period. So today, I thought of a different 'subject'.
I came across this girl who I've seen before on the internet years ago. Her 'name' is Vanna Venom. I've seen a pic of her a long time ago, but I didn't pay much attention. I didn't know her name then, either. I saw her again today while looking for pics of hair highlights that I might want in my hair. When I tell you that this girl has the most eccentric hairstyles I've ever seen, I seriously mean that.
It's weird, but cool at the same time. Some of the things she's done with her hair are actually cute to me. She's taken the scene girl look to another level. I've never even heard of the term scene girl. Apparently, it defines punk girls, emo girls, hardcore girls. She's weird, but cute and unique in her own way.
Dont' get me wrong; most of these styles I wouldn't dare wear in my own hair!

  I just find this girl's style really... interesting. I really want to know how she even got some of those effects in her hair, the whole raccoon look. How the freak did she get those shapes in her hair? Kind of awesome. Like I said, I'm not doing this to my hair. I want to be different, but not like this. I'm not a follower. Besides, I'm married with three kids. What would I look like dying my hair like this? Talk about immaturity!
But anyway, Vanna Venom's hairstyles are the most eccentric I've ever seen. The colors, the bangs, everything. People say that 80% of her hair is just extensions, which seems about right, considering that the back of her hair is abnormally 'poofy' and lifted completely off her head. Someone may say that people who do things like this have 'issues'. So what if they do? We all have issues, don't we? Just because we choose to not implement our 'issues' into how we wear our hair doesn't mean anything. Well, she's her own person, all right, even though I heard that she sometimes hates on people who want to copy her. 
I say it's kind of a good thing, having people admire you. I think hubby and I are kind of re-starting a revolution here in the ATL because of Jamian's rat tail... and the rat tail in hubby's own hair that I created recently. People haven't seen rat tails in years, apparently, so everyone who sees us loves it and admires us for doing it. Probably giving them ideas about giving their own sons a rat tail. Hey, you have to be you. Do what makes you happy. If you're comfortable with it, then do it. Don't just do something for attention. If you do something for the wrong reasons, it may backfire. I think we all have experienced that at some point in life.
So there's my random hair post. Gonna start talking about different hair topics sometimes. I like my stuff to have a little bit of diversity to it. Hope you enjoy! Questions? Comments? Tell meh!
Peace, curly mamas.

~Epic Realist~

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"What Products Do You Use?"...Really? -__-

Well, well, well, what do you know? In a previous post, I mentioned that Walmart sold Shea Moisture products for two dollars more than Walgreens does.
Tell me why I checked Walmart today and saw that they lowered their price to match the Walgreens one... Actually, to be 'fashionably cheaper', they went down to $9.98 instead of Walgreen's $9.99. Wow. -__-
It's not a bad thing, though. I just found it funny. Ha!
You know what annoys me about some mothers of daughters? They see someone else's kid's hair looking really nice, and then the first thing they ask is, "What products did you use?" To me, it's irritating because people actually think that if they use the same products or use the same regimen, then their kid's hair will come out looking the same way. That's not necessarily true, people! I never ask what product was used because to me, it doesn't matter. Just because it worked for one person doesn't mean it's going to work for me. I'm pretty sure that some women go out and buy that same product just because someone else raved about it and got good results.
That's not me. I do my own research. I don't base my results off of someone else's. Ultimately, I don't care what products you used or what your regimen is. So sue me already.
Alrighty, that's my little ranting and raving for the day on the hair topic. If you want raving on other random topics, check out my other personal blog! Hehe.
Peace out, curly mamas!

~Epic Realist~

Friday, July 20, 2012

New Hairstyles and... Dandruff?

So, I've been doing it up with Sy's hair lately. Random hairstyles. I have to find time to put the pics together and update them here. Sometimes it takes forever. I'll have several new styles siting on my computer for weeks at a time because I'm so busy and tired lately. But I have some to show now... finally. Hope you enjoy!
The second style on the first pic was when her hair was straight, and so was the second picture. I had never gotten a 'perfect' curved part before, so I surprised myself when I actually got it. So she had an S for her name. She loved it!
Now I need to practice my cornbraiding. I put cornbraids in Sy's hair recently, but they were a bit sloppy looking. Her hair is so silky. What makes it worse is that I can't stand doing anything on dry hair anymore, so I have to put something on her hair to moisturize before braiding. My hands are always slipping all over the place. Sigh... practice makes perfect. lol
I made another batch of my shea mixture a few days ago, and I added another ingredient... honey. Just wanted to try it out. I don't notice a difference in texture, but that's probably a good thing.
Tip of the Day: Best way to combat dandruff is to of course, constantly moisturize! By moisturize, I mean water and water-based natural oils or products. I've heard that tea tree oil works great; haven't used it yet, though. DO NOT use anything with petroleum jelly. It will only clog your pores and make your hair and scalp feel overly greasy, and it will attract dirt as well. So all you grease lovers... yeah. Back away from the Blue Magic and grab some EVOO and water! If your daughter has excessive dandruff, any type of grease will probably make it worse. I know it did back in the day when I used to use grease. Oh, and gentle brushing will definitely help. Use a boar's head brush only. It's soft and gentle to the scalp and the dandruff will fall right out.
Syriah barely has dandruff anymore because of how I moisturize her hair. I might see some flakes in her hair like, once a week, and that's usually before hair wash day.
Alrighty guys, I'm out. Enjoy the hairstyles. Tips? Comments? Let me know! =)
Peace out, curly mamas!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Walgreens vs. Walmart

So, I went to Walgreens on Monday to get some Shea Moisture hair products again. I picked up three different things, went to the cashier. There was a young black guy who had been looking me up and down ever since I'd walked in. Guess it was because I had something kind of sexy on.
Anyway, I paid for the stuff and I noticed that the total was way lower than what I'd expected. I decided not to investigate until I was in the car, and lo and behold, the total was ten dollars off.
Either the fool wasn't paying attention or he'd done that on purpose, trying to flirt with me on the undertone. Heck, either way I got one of the $10 hair products for FREE! Haha! Sucker!
I think I see why that happened, anyway. One of the products was the Shea Moisture Curling Souffle'. I washed my hair yesterday and immediately sectioned my hair. Then I began applying the stuff.
It was the stickiest hair concoction I'd ever touched! I mean, seriously. It felt good, kind of like a gel, and it smelled awesome. But it was soooo sticky! I felt as if I'd lathered my curls in honey. Literally. So, in a way, the universe must have known that I wasn't going to fall in love with the product and decided not to have me even waste money on it, because frankly, I'm not sure if I'd ever buy it again. 
Hey, I just got lucky.
Wait... I don't even believe in luck. You guys know what I mean though, right? .__.
Anyway, today in Walmart, I went cruising down the hair aisle, which I hadn't done in months, due to them not carrying any all natural products yet. I just wanted to check and see what they had now. I got a surprise this time. They actually had a good selection of natural products now. I was like, wow! Walmart's finally coming up! 
But good old Wally World's prices on some of these products weren't so hot. For the Shea Moisture shampoo that's shown above, they wanted $11.99! That's two dollars more than Walgreen's $9.99. I said, hell to the no! It was also $11.99 for the curl enhancing smoothie stuff I usually get. I'm not paying an extra two bucks when I know I can go right across the street and go cheaper. What happened to Walmart being the cheapest of the cheap on everything? 
You'd think that a pharmacy would be more expensive, considering that people don't really go to pharmacies to solely purchase hair products. You'd think they'd want to take advantage of the people who are going in to pick up their prescriptions... to sucker them into picking up a pack of diapers or candy or pens just because it's there. Oh, since I'm in here, might as well get my hair cream!
Apparently, that's not the case here. Now I know that I won't be getting any Shea Moisture stuff from Walmart, and if I try another natural product, I'll price it elsewhere before settling for Walmart. I heard that CVS now sells Miss Jessie's products. Wow. Now that stuff costs an arm, a leg, and your head on a platter.
Thirty bucks for one container... a 12oz container, I believe. Some people say that it isn't worth the hype, but either way, that's way too freakin expensive for some darn curl cream.
I got that Cantu hair cream from Walgreens as well. I was shocked because I didn't know that Cantu was beginning to create natural products at all! I mean, there's a few questionable ingredients, stuff that I well, can't pronounce, but hey. It's just a few. Haven't tried it yet, but I will soon. 

Syriah's hair is straight at the moment. I straighten it usually every 6 months to trim and what not. I used EVOO as a heat protectant. Her hair is in GREAT health right now. I'm so proud of myself.
Well, that's all for now, folks! I don't exactly have a tip for today. My mind is somewhat in a trance due to excessive sleep deprivation. Symari's one month old today, and she wakes hubby and I up twice a night to eat. So, we get about 4 hours of sleep a night. We're lucky to get 5 most days. Oh, well. That's newborns for ya.
I'm out! Peace, curly mamas! 

~Epic Realist~

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy 4rth of July, everyone! I really wish I knew how to do one of those fancy hairstyles that I've seen other people do, you know, the ones where they put big corn-braided stars in their daughter's hair. It looks really difficult, and I haven't had much time to even try it. much less practice it. But they look awesome.
Doesn't matter, though. I'm not big on holidays anyway. LOL! It just would have been another new hairstyle to practice and perfect.
On another note, I have a picture to show of Syriah's puffball that she wore yesterday to a kid's play place called Kids Planet. It surprisingly still looked good after her playing around for four hours.
I used Eco Styler gel in her hair for the first time ever, along with some shea butter. Loved the results! I'm not looking forward to washing her hair again when I can, because the new shampoo that I've been trying isn't working all that well. It's a brand called Organix, and their coconut shampoo isn't as moisturizing as I would have liked. I only got it in the first place because last time I went to Walgreens to get my Shea Moisture shampoo, they were fresh out... of that and the other curling stuff they have. Both of them were gone, and when I asked an employee about it, they said that the truck hadn't come in yet with another stock.
Figures. This whole natural kick is going viral, and every natural product ever created is beginning to fly off the shelves lately. Walmart had better get with it! They're beginning to, though. I've heard that they now carry Taliah Waajid products now, even though I think that brand has way too many chemicals to be considered natural.
Well, I've got to roll now. It's dinner time. I cooked some good stuff... brown rice, sweet potatoes, and baked chicken! Haha!
Until next time, curly mamas!