Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Hairstyle #2

Heya, guys! This may be my last update until my baby's born, because I'm 37 weeks and really close now. Been really busy and tired. Good thing hubby is able to be home with me now. =)
I have new hairstyle pics to show! =)

It's another style I created out of thin air the other day. I like to combine styles and mix it up sometimes. In the future, I may do tutorials on how to do certain styles if there are people who'd really like to try them and can't figure it out, but right now, I'm too camera shy to plaster myself on YouTube like that. LOL! Plus, these few styles are considered easy. Well, to me, that is.
I bought another Shea Moisture product from Walgreens a few days ago because the curling smoothie had finally run out after two months. Glad I was able to stretch it that long. I wanted to get it again, but it was gone, all out stock, along with the shampoo. Funny how natural hair is a really big hit nowadays. I refuse to buy it online; not worth the shipping costs when I can get it right up the street for 10 bucks. So I got the Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Hair Masqu instead. I needed a deep conditioner anyway because my hair has been parched lately, especially with me being too tired to upkeep any kind of regimen. I haven't used it yet for deep conditioning purposes, but I look forward it. It can be used as a deep conditioner, where you leave it on for a certain time and rinse it out, and it can also be used as a leave in.
I put a little in my hair that evening around the edges and in the morning, my hair was extremely soft and moisturized! Some people say that it does better as a leave in than anything else, but hey, we shall see soon enough.
Syriah's hair has been growing. I love the health of her hair now, and I will stop at nothing to make sure that she doesn't lose her hair due to breakage or dryness. I have to remember to put a little something on her curls every day, whether it's a cream, oils to seal her dry ends, or my own whipped shea butter mixture. Same with Jamian, because his hair gets just as dry. His hair just isn't as long, and he's a boy, so it's not urgent.

Tip of the day: Don't be such a product junkie! You will end up wasting money. Find one brand at a time, test out whichever parts of it you'd like to try, and if you absolutely don't like it, then at least finish using it or give it to someone who could use it. I can't stand seeing women who go ahead and buy like five different types of products, use all of them during their next hair wash, and then get a bad result. Then they don't even know which product to even blame for their misfortune, because they used Shima oil before washing, then washed with Aubrey Organics shampoo, then used Kinky Kurly conditioner, then deep conditioned with Shea Moisture's Hair Masque, then used a Taliah Waajid product as a leave in. Please don't confuse yourself and try several different hair products at once, because more than likely, your hair will go into shell shock. And I don't blame it! 

Well, that's my little update. Hopefully, next time you get a new post, it'll include a picture of my newest family member. Pray that I don't need another C-section, too. LOL!

Peace out till later, curly mamas! <3

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Are You an Ingredient Snob?

So, tell me, are you guys 'ingredient snobs'? Do you bypass hair products with sulfates as long as everything else is organic or do you swear by sulfate free? What about parabens? I'm kind of on the 'half and half' side, but leaning more towards the ingredient snob area. Depends on what the product actually does for me.
If there's like, one off ingredient, I will overlook it and continue to use without worrying. After all, one little bad thing isn't going to kill me. We may avoid certain things on our hair and skin, but guess what. We may eat the same chemical in one of our many tainted foods, or something even worse that'll still enter our bloodstream. That's why I said, it depends on what the ingredient is. As far as sulfates, sulfate free shampoo is easy to find nowadays so I will always stick with that. Same for parabens. 
I no longer use products with artificial colors and scents, or petroleum and waxes. I scan the ingredient list carefully before I buy something new for my hair and I weigh the costs. If I don't know what the ingredient is, I either research it or I don't buy it until I know what it does. This is why I have yet to try Taliah Waajid products, because a lot of their ingredients aren't organic and very questionable. They have petroleum and laureate sulfates. Doesn't mean the product isn't good or doesn't work; I'm just kind of picky when it comes to my family's hair and skin.
As usual, this is open for discussion. I want to hear your opinions! Are you an ingredient snob? Do you know someone who is? Do you know someone who has gone way too far with it? What harmful ingredients do you believe work for your hair no matter what? Let me know here or on Facebook!

Peace out, ya'll! Have a great day!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Hairstyle Update and...Follower Glitch? O_o

Hey, everyone. Does anyone else have a blog that you direct other people too and for some reason, they cannot follow you? The follow button that's supposed to be at the top of he blog page is missing? I've actually seen that on other people's blogs, and I'm trying to figure out why that happens. I've been missing out on followers because they end up telling me that they cannot find the follow button at the top of the blog page. This is not good news because I have a lot of page views on this blog already but the people who really want to follow me cannot.
I thought it was a browser problem, so sometimes I tell people to try another browser, but apparently, that doesn't work, either. I use Google Chrome and whenever I'm not signed in, I see my follow bar at the top just fine. I'm not understanding why others can't see it, no matter what browser they're using. I MUST figure this out! O___O Who knows how many followers I've been missing out on? Either that or I will have to find another method of placing a follow button on my blog.
Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, please let me know and if you have a solution. Will be greatly appreciated!
Now for some hair talk lol! Last week, I did finger curls in Sy's hair. I used to do these a lot when she was a  little baby, because it was quick, cute, and easy. Her hair was super thin back then. Since then, she's gained some thickness. Not too thick, and not too thin, either. The old finger curls I did back then never lasted more than a day because I wasn't using the right products, and I didn't exactly cover her hair, either. I didn't have anything to cover her tiny head. For these, I washed her hair with the Shea Moisture Coconut shampoo and detangled immediately afterwards with a wide toothed comb and EVOO.
Then I parted her hair and applied my shea butter concoction (unrefined shea butter, EVOO, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil) to each 'twist' and gently curled with my finger. I did it as close to Sy's scalp as possible because finger curls tend to unravel easily with her hair type, and I found that as I finished them, they still began to come out in the middle. Rawr. Oh well. I tried again a little tighter and left it alone.
I was surprised that they lasted three days, with a quick touch up in between because her hair cap had actually come off her head at night and the curls were a matted mess in the morning. We happened to have to go somewhere that day, too, so messy hair was not going to fly at all. So I fixed it up quickly. The fourth day, her hair was through. The finger curls were way too matted from her playing around and being nothing more than an active three year old, so I had to take them out completely.
I was happy that for the first time, finger curls had lasted longer than a day. Shea butter has awesome hold. I'd rather use that than gel any day, even though certain hairstyles just call for gel. But I barely use gel at all in my daughter's hair. No need for it, and we don't even go anywhere important to where she has to look that 'spiffy'. These days, our 'out' days consist of my prenatal visits, an updated doctor's visit for one of the kids, the grocery store, or a trip to Granny's house to hang out. I'm experimenting on different styles right now, new protective styles, because when this baby comes, I won't have much time to put lots of emphasis on Syriah's hair until her baby sister is a bit older and has somewhat of a schedule going. I'm aware of this, and don't want to be an overly burdened mommy, as hair is of the least importance when there's a new baby around. lol
So, I'm practicing more twisting/braiding styles that last for some time right now, so when I go into labor, I don't have to worry about omg, I haven't fixed her hair in three days and it's gonna look worse when I get out of the hospital and have to tackle it...I won't have time for that in a few weeks! I will have more pics up soon, of another 'box twist' style I did on her that she's still rocking now. Until then, peace out, curly mamas! <3
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