Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Overnight Oil Treatment

Ello again, curly mamas! I am doing an overnight oil treatment tonight because my hair is parched! My mini braids are out! I dampened and slicked coconut oil on my hair as I was taking them out. It took about an hour. Good thing I had a movie to watch while doing so. ;)
My hair is dry because it's been two weeks of nothing but gel being used on the braids. I mean, I spritzed my hair with water a couple of days and used the infamous castor oil on my scalp a few times, but now that my hair is all out again, it's... pretty dry. The ends especially are drier than ever.
My hair is actually softer than I expected and not as dry as I'd expected. I doctored it up well before doing the braids. I guess that's why? (shrugs)
So I am doing an overnight oil treatment with coconut oil and EVOO. If you don't know what EVOO is, you are missing out! It's extra virgin olive oil and it's the BOMB for moisture. I mixed both oils and threw a ton of it into my damp hair after the braids were all out. Then I tied a plastic bag over my hair after putting sections into a few fat twists. I'm hoping for super soft, moisturized hair in the morning when I wash the oils out.
I'm still going to condition after I wash, especially because I plan to use my sulfate shampoo to get all the gel out. I've stuck to doing my 'clarifying wash' once a month so far and it's working well for me.
Well, that's my plan for tomorrow. Hopefully, I will get a chance to doctor my hair up. I can't keep protective styles in my hair too long because then I get bored and start to miss playing in my hair. I don't know why I'm like that; guess I just love hair. LOL!
I don't have pics now, but I might next post. I may show how my hair looked after washing and conditioning. Peace out, ladies!

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~Epic Realist~

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mini Braids On Doll Hair?

Hiyas! This is a quick post about an old doll... of mine, actually. LOL! Pic is self-explanatory.

These braids are on their second week and still not that frizzy. I used EcoStyler gel and that's it. I don't normally use gel like that on anyone's hair, but the way these braids are holding up for me AND her is phenomenal. Whatever works, rock it! #divachic

Until next, my divachics! (Yes, I have a new name for you guys. LOL)

~Epic Realist~

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trimming Natural Hair

Heya, curly mamas! It's been a little while since I was able to make a post. So here goes my post about trimming natural hair.
I trimmed Syriah's hair before I put mini braids in it almost two weeks ago... her first trim of the year. It wasn't hard. I had washed her hair the day before and put a few fat twists in it to air dry. The next day, I took the twists out one at a time... and trimmed about an inch off of each twist with cutting shears after unraveling it. The shears came from my hair cutting kit that I use to cut my husband's and son's hair.
Syriah's ends had been looking a little rough for a good minute and it needed to be done. Her hair looked much healthier afterward. Her reaction was adorable... she just stared in awe at the hair I'd cut off without asking any questions. LOL!
I explained to her why I had to cut a little off of her hair and she didn't seem to mind.

How does your girl react after a trim? Does she ask what's going on, does she throw a fit and panic about losing hair, or does she sit in obedience? I would like to hear 'trimming stories'. Hehe. 

Until next time, curlies!

~Epic Realist~