Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Hair is like a Plant- Hair Tip #3

Buenos dias, ladies! I have an interesting topic that I thought about a few days ago. It pertains to our hair growth. It began when I started seeing more and more posts about hair supplements, such as pills that claim to grow your hair (Hairfinity) and the all too famous... Monistat. -___-
I started to think about how impatient women are in growing their hair, and it got me thinking hard about patience. We're living in a world now where no one is patient anymore. We want everything now, now, NOW! Every woman wants long hair ASAP. We're popping pills, religiously doing scalp massages, and even resorting to 'coochie cream' for abnormally quick growth. And I ask myself, why are we breaking our backs to get long hair and ultimately missing the main ingredient, patience?
So, then I started to think about our hair, and how, like anything, it requires time. Time to grow, to flourish, to regenerate. Just like.. a plant. Plants take time, right? A lot of time. Trees take years to grow to their full potential. I don't understand why some naturals still don't use water on their scalps enough. Don't plants need water? That's the main ingredient that plants need. Everyone knows that if plants aren't watered, they'll die.
But that's the same way our hair is. All the years that we've been perming, we've been afraid of using water on our scalps, which is why our hair was not growing and was always dead. Well, all hair is dead, but you get the point.
My point here is that our hair is like a plant. It requires water, food, and time. I will emphasize time because like I said, women want their hair long fast, fast, fast! That's how we get jacked up, trying every little thing that promises to make our hair grow beyond our wildest dreams. Most hair vitamins have side effects that you aren't even aware of until you stop taking them. Some people get hives, some people get headaches, some people get muscle twitches. It's ridiculous. All for the sake of having long hair. Patience, ladies. Your hair WILL grow as long as you take care of it and put what's supposed to be in your body into your body. Start eating better and your hair will definitely grow. Get out of the mindset that you have to have to do something extreme just to prove that your hair can grow to great lengths. Remember, you went natural for a reason. Why are you going back to unnatural means of growing your hair? That makes no sense. I mean, Monistat? Really? I don't care if someone got waist length hair in two years after big chopping. That's still an unnatural way. So when you decide to stop using Monistat for whatever reason, don't be surprised if you get massive headaches or something like that.
If it takes you five years to get to waist length, so what? Everyone's hair grows at a different pace. What's the rush? Really? You get waist length hair and then what? Gonna brag about it to kingdom come? Not the right way to go about it. My hair grows fast, but even if it didn't, I'm not impatient with my hair.
I'm just happy to have hair in the first place. Imagine how cancer patients feel. They're stressing about losing all of their hair and they can't do anything about it. And we're sitting around, stressing because our hair hasn't reached BSL length within two years of returning to natural. Come on, guys. We can do better.

Hair Tip #3: Start thinking about your hair like a plant. Whenever you get discouraged about your hair not growing, take a look at a tree and think about how long it took that tree to grow. Even a small bean plant. Everything takes time to grow, even hair. Growing your hair unnaturally is not best. Do it the natural way. Eat right, guzzle water, keep water on your scalp, exercise, use castor oil, deep condition weekly, protein treatments, you know the deal already. You'll be better off in the long run. Peace out and be blessed, curly mamas.

~Epic Realist~