Friday, May 26, 2017

New GROWTH Journey, Length Check, Etc.

Hey curlies! I posted a new video about my hair again. I didn't make a blog post about the last video because I've been insanely busy, but no one had any questions for me, so I'll just leave it at that.
I'm on a new growth journey to figure out how long my hair can get if I DON'T trim or cut. So far, I haven't trimmed or cut since 2017 began. I've had a few major cuts and I don't want to do any more. Follow me on Instagram for daily updates... (Curls of Innocence)

Check out the video for more details on this new journey and also some mini product reviews!

I did a small length check also... and ya'll know how much you love length checks. lol

~Curls of Innocence~

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Shea Moisture F&%#ED Up With Racist Ad?

Hey guys! So, I know that everyone has already heard about the whole Shea Moisture fiasco, with the new ad showcasing Caucasian women instead of us. I already made a video about this topic, so if you have not yet seen it, here it is.

This topic has pretty much died down now, but I still feel the same way. I am still limiting my Shea Moisture purchases from here on out. This company was built on the backs of blacks, and yet again, it's being stripped away from us as usual. I don't support that! Hope you enjoy the video.

I have not been writing in this blog lately. I've been finding ways to balance my time since having baby #5 around. I will get it together. Life hasn't been very favorable this year, but it'll all mellow out. I am still making videos for your guys, just not as consistent at the moment. 
Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @ Curls of Innocence! Peace.

~Curls of Innocence~

Monday, March 6, 2017

CUTE Braided Bun Style!

Hey curlies!
 I wanted to share these pictures just to say how much LOVE braided buns. They're simple and they protect the ends of your braids, or twists, if you do those instead. The patterns of the braid looks pretty all wrapped up in a bun. You can do as many braids as you want and then jazz then up by bunning some of them. It's so cute!

~Curls of Innocence~

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Vlog Channel + Taking a BREAK 2017

Hey guys. For those of you who don't know about my family vlog channel, here it is. I haven't had much of a chance to vlog lately because life's been some kind of hectic, but if you haven't caught up on the old vlogs, now's your chance!


As far as the hair channel, I will be taking a little break from video editing and filming. I am having complete burnout, and again, life's been, well, life. So I'll be taking a break, but will be back. I'm not going to disappear into the shadows like a lot of YouTubers who take breaks and don't show back up for 6 months. LOL

So please bear with me. Stay subscribed for more updates on the upcoming hair oils and other things. ;)

~Curls of Innocence~

Monday, January 9, 2017

Girly Protective Styles For Winter 2017

Good evening, curly mamas!

I've been working on doing a lot more style videos than normal just to see if I can reach a bigger audience on YouTube... because let's be real. Having only 1,000 subbies after almost 4 years of hard work on this channel does a lot of damage to my... well, self-gratification. 
I know that my videos are good and well put together; however, I don't have the capital to put money into YT... and I'm definitely not getting any in return right now. Sigh... suggestions, anyone?
Anyway, here are the last two videos showing the styles that I've been doing on my girls this winter so far. 

I hope you guys enjoy them! Nothing spectacular, just styles that makes me stay out of their hair for up to two weeks. A lot of times, the flyaways and frizz don't allow the style to last for two weeks, or ever one full week for that matter, but I don't really have a choice lately. I have a lot going on in life at the moment, and I need to keep their hair pinned up as much as possible.
I've been loving that Cantu Natural Line... if I'm not using that particular Cantu product, then it's the Cantu Kids hair care line. I love both of them. Very moisturizing, minimal build-up.
I don't do many styles on them with a million and one hair ties and hair bows, because frankly, we don't go out much! There's no point in doing fancy things all the time when it'll be a hassle to take down at night so they won't sleep in hair bubbles/knockers/whatever you'd like to call them. I simply can't deal with all that. Haha!
So lots of braids, cornbraids, and flat twists is what I've been doing lately. And I'm very proud of them. If you like the videos, please like, subscribe, and share! I appreciate it. :)

~Curls of Innocence~