Thursday, October 12, 2017

'Round The Head' Flat Twists | Protective Style

Hey, curly mamas! Today, I will be demonstrating how I did a very simple protective style in Symari's hair. It was simple because I had just washed and conditioned her hair, and also detangled it while styling. I'm all about my simplicity these days. My hands are very full right now. All the time. lol
I hope that you guys know how to flat twist because you can do so many cute styles doing so. It's the best alternative to cornbraiding, if you'd rather not learn how to do that. I love flat twisting. So much quicker and there's also 2 ways of going about it.

I hope that you guys enjoy the video and think of your own creative ways to do long term styles for your kids.  Follow us on Instagram for DAILY posts on hair, health, & homeschooling! :)

~Curls of Innocence~

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Influenster UNBOXING!

Hiya, guys! If you've been following me on Instagram and Youtube, then you have seen me talk about this company called Influenster. I signed up with them and immediately got a free beauty box full of goodies! The stipulation is that I have to review them with my honest reviews, but that's not hard, right?

I will be reviewing some of these products here and on YouTube. More than likely, it won't be the food items, but the beauty things, indefinitely. If you would like a free box as well, sign up for Influenster here! It's free, I swear. No gimmicks, no spam, no credit card info. All they want is your review of the product and you'll earn credits to be eligible for the next month's Voxbox
I hope that you like the video and consider joining. Thanks for watching and reading! More is coming soon. 

~Curls of Innocence~

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Five Year Old With Tailbone Length Hair & First Straightening!

Hey, curly mamas! Today I am bringing you a video on Symari's first hair straightening. This is her absolute first time getting this done! If you recall, I already blow dried her hair for the first time earlier this year and it was a success.

For flat ironing, I wanted to wait as long as possible before doing so, because when Syriah was about 2.5 or 3, I'd flat ironed her hair to see how long it was and at the time, I didn't know what I was doing as far as natural hair care yet. Her hair was already damaged prior to this... this was the VERY beginning of the natural hair movement... about 2009-2010ish. I didn't want to do the same to my second daughter, EVEN though when she was born, I'd already been through 2 kids and knew way more about natural hair care than I did with Syriah. There was no reason to flat iron a 3 year old's hair, so I waited till she was 5.
So I hope that you guys enjoyed the video! Comment below or on the video if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for reading!

                                                 ~Curls of Innocence~

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fancy Cornbraids on a BLOWOUT! Protective Styles for Kids

Hey, curly mamas! Take a look at my newest hairstyle video that I did with Syriah.

It's kinda fancy, but simple at the same time. I don't blow dry her hair often. In fact, this is only the second time I've given her a blowout. But I did it for the sake of keeping this style in for a week as well as doing other styles afterwards. It did last me a week, thank goodness. I was proud. Also, it's way easier to cornbraid on semi-straight hair.

I didn't put too many words or descriptions in this video because it didn't really need it. Everything I did was self explanatory. If you guys have an questions, ask away! Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading and watching! 

                                              ~Curls of Innocence~

Friday, August 11, 2017

TFS Baby Hair Care: How To STRETCH Baby Curls With WHIPPED SHEA BUTTER

Hey, curly mamas! Today in this video, I am showing you how I stretch my baby's curls with whipped shea butter.

It's pretty simple to do this with Kyanah's hair, and very effective. I don't stretch her hair often, though. No point in doing so. Her hair stays in wash and gos most of the time. But occasionally, I do a style. I'm just glad that it's now long enough for a ponytail!

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~Curls of Innocence~