Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Painlessly Remove LINT!

Hey curlies! I created a video for you guys showing how I remove lint from my kid's hair. It's pretty easy and self explanatory, but here it is.

My kids don't know how to keep their heads off the floor, even with me constantly telling them. But even so, they still get a ton of lint. I went through years of trying to wash lint out by simply shampooing, but it never really occurred to me to just pick it out before washing. Doing this on wet hair is NOT fun because the lint sticks to the wet hair and makes it harder to come out. On dry hair, it comes out with a breeze while using a comb.

No tears come out of this, and now when the kid's hair is full of lint from the indentation where their hair ties are, I just use a small comb and comb it out. No problems! Hope you guys enjoyed this.
How do you get lint out of your child's hair? Do you use a brush instead? Comment below! Thanks for reading and watching! Subscribe for more!

~Curls of Innocence~

Saturday, December 10, 2016

ACV And Daily Stretches

Morning, guys! I have been doing so well with drinking my ACV in the mornings. I am on day 15 as of today. I have been noticing some changes already and I'm stoked! I made a video the day before I began doing this.
I will soon make another video explaining more about it soon, but it's wonderful! Of course, you guys know, this stuff is disgusting. But putting a little of into a cup first thing in the morning with some honey really isn't so bad. It's kind of sour, with a sting to it. Like tart lemonade, in a way. It's drinkable. You want to use the most natural honey you could possibly get, though. The cheapest honeys out there are full of nothing but sugar and NOT real honey properties.

I have been incorporating this into my new health routine lately, while doing stretches daily before my exercise. Stretches are really important for blood flow, which is what I am having issues with. Circulation is a big issue for me, but I am fixing that right now. When I stretch, I stretch my entire body. DAILY. It really helps me feel so much better, and I've been having increased energy without drinking coffee! Yay for progress!

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