Sunday, May 8, 2016

Birthday Haircut for Baby!

Jalani has turned TWO! Woo hoo! Seems like just yesterday, he was just born.
I wanted him to have a new look, so I cut the back and sides of his hair, sort of like an undercut. Here's the video on it... what do you think?
He looks a lot older to me, so handsome! And he looks just like his brother. Awww... I can't get over the cuteness.
My YouTube hiatus only lasted 3 weeks because I was overwhelmed and had to get some things in order, like our water heater situation. That's finally fixed after a little over two months because of the apartment complex. Yay! So I can get back on everyone's hair routine because everyone's hair has been suffering from lack of proper washing. So I am back and I will try to blog here more... again. I know I keep saying that, but if only you guys knew my life, you'd understand! Haha!
Stay tuned for more hair updates and videos!

~Curls of Innocence~