Friday, December 13, 2013

Oil Rinsing?

Hiya, guys! I wanted to talk about something I have yet to try on my natural hair... oil rinsing. I have seen others do it, though. I started thinking about it after seeing Fusion of Cultures on YouTube doing it in her latest wash day video. Then I remembered that I had never tried this!
The process of oil rinsing is usually done after the hair has been shampooed and conditioned. The purpose is to give the hair shine and more manageability. If you use cool/cold water to seal the oil in when rinsing it, the cuticles will close and the oil's properties will remain in your hair even after you've washed out the oil. 
 Apparently, it's a popular method for a lot of naturals. I use lots of oils in my hair anyway... I pre-poo with oils, I add oils to my scalp right after washing, and I add oils to my hair throughout the week, especially if I hadn't found the time to deep condition that week. But the reason I thought about trying an oil rinse is so that maybe I won't have to re-apply oils on my scalp after coming out of the shower; I can just go right to using a leave in with shea butter on top. I want to see if my hair will have a shine to it as well after sealing in the oils with cool water. 
So perhaps, on my next wash day, I'll bring my oil spray bottle in the shower with me and rinse the oils out after washing and conditioning. Can't hurt to try! I just have to make sure not to slip and bust my behind on a slippery, oily tub floor. LOL!
Have you guys tried this method? How long do you leave the oils soaking in your hair? Have you noticed any benefits? Tell me! Comment below or on Facebook.

Peace out till later, curlies! 
P.S.: I have been slacking on my videos lately... lots going on in life right now. I will get back on it soon! ;)

My babies and their new baby cousin, Aria! <3 

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 Me with a fresh twist-out (using Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter)

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