Thursday, September 10, 2015

GREEN Natural Hair! SPLAT Color REVIEW

September 10, 2015
Hiya, curly mamas!
For those inquiring about my green hair. it was a complete 'happy accident'. I originally wanted to try blue, so I bought this Splat semi-permanent hair dye from Walgreens in the middle of looking for my regular blonde color. I didn't find my shade and brand, so I saw this and grabbed it. I had been wanting to try a new color for a while, anyway. So I said, why not?

Color name: Aqua Rush
Price: between 10 & 14 bucks

This video is when I picked up the dye. Remember when I said that I had a surprise for you guys? Hehe. 


This video is the whole process of what I did when I dyed it! :)

So, I had kind of already expected my hair to turn 'greenish'. It turned green because the blonde color in my hair was more of a golden color instead of blonde. It wasn't platinum blonde or anything. I had a feeling that it would turn out something other than the blue on the box, so I was already expecting that. But I didn't expect to love it as much as I did! It's a pretty green, though, grass green. I didn't mind as long as it wasn't 'dung green'. LOL!

If I had a blow dryer, I would have dyed my hair with the dye that was provided in the Splat box (which I was unaware of until after I'd opened it), dried my hair, then did the color right afterwards. But I didn't have the time that day to wait a whole day for my hair to dry after bleaching over my golden hair. I had to do the whole process when my hubby was home to help me and/or keep the kids completely out of my way while doing this. But oh well. It worked out anyway. Maybe I will do something different next time.
So, I loooooove my current look! I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about it and I'm pleased. I don't know if I will re- dye it this color when it fades (as it's already starting to do), but I will enjoy it while it lasts. It's about time I start experimenting with some 'off' colors. It's a way of self-expression that I wish I had a chance to do as a teenager. But oh well, it's all good. Being grown means that you can  pretty much express yourself however you like. Also, I am starting to make my own money now to try new things, so woo hoo! :-D #happymommy

This color is great. Like I mentioned, it's starting to fade. But that's to be expected. It isn't permanent and it has been over 3 weeks now. 
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