Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rat Tails

My son Jam has a rat tail that he's been growing since birth! I cut his hair myself with scissors when he turned one year old last summer. The haircut didn't come out all that good looking, but I didn't have an electric razor then. I did, however, cut his hair into a rat tail because my hubby and I had been talking about wanting him to have one. Hubby himself wants one, but hasn't done it yet for job reasons. You know how that can be. It's all about professionalism in the work field.
So little Jam had a rat tail in the back of his head. I thought it was so cute. I don't have a picture on hand that shows how it looked then and how long it was, but I have a picture of how long it's gotten now within a year. He's so cute with it. That rat tail has defined his personality.
Lots of people compliment him on it when we're out and about. Most people don't like them anymore or at all, simply because they say, "Oh, that's so old school! No one does that anymore." Well, I don't care about that at all. I do what I do because I want to, not because it went out of style fifteen years ago. Who cares? Who says it's illegal to wear certain things? I'm aware of how rare rat tails are nowadays, and that's what made me want to do it to my son even more. No one cares to be unique anymore.
Everyone wants to follow the crowd. Why? When has the re-evolution of the mo-hawk come through and transformed the heads of practically every little black boy I see? Why does every single little boy nowdays have a mo-hawk, even the black ones? Where's the originality? It's at the point now to where I can't stand mo-hawks, and I vowed to never give my son one, and not even my daughter. They've even got little girls rocking mo-hawks, probably because of Willow Smith. Does everyone have to follow celebrities? I mean, seriously!? It's not even cute anymore. I will PURPOSELY not give either one of my kids a mo-hawk so I won't look like I'm following the crowd as well. This is kind of ridiculous.
I don't care what's so-called old school and what's not. Afros are considered old school, especially the huge ones. Don't care. Are they not coming back into existence? I rock my fro sometimes, and occasionally let Syriah wear one. And? Am I some kind of out of date hippie? Don't care. I actually argued with someone over Facebook once because she didn't believe in boys having rat tails anymore. It's one thing if it's just a style you simply don't like at all. But it's another thing when you won't use the style just because oh, that was back then, we don't wear those anymore. Who gives a rat's tail about that?! LOL!
In essence, I am proud to have my son wear a hairstyle that has supposedly gone out of style. Gives him a lot of personality and makes him stand out among other little black boys. That's the point of living and experimenting. If you can't be yourself and do what you like, then what else is there to do with life? Life is stressful enough without worrying about not wearing a certain hairstyle because it's 'old'. I'm seeing women nowadays wear hairstyles from the 40's. Some of them look really nice. I don't care if it went out of style in the 60's. Doesn't matter. If you like it, wear it. You'll stand out even more, and thus far, Jam has stood out a lot lately when I take him out. Even white people are impressed with his rat tail. If you don't like a particular style, then you just don't like it, but don't bash someone because of the simple fact that they haven't seen anyone wear the style in ten years. Everything always comes back around at some point, anyway. Don't believe me? Do your research.

Peace, curly mamas! Keep doing your thing.