Saturday, December 10, 2016

ACV And Daily Stretches

Morning, guys! I have been doing so well with drinking my ACV in the mornings. I am on day 15 as of today. I have been noticing some changes already and I'm stoked! I made a video the day before I began doing this.
I will soon make another video explaining more about it soon, but it's wonderful! Of course, you guys know, this stuff is disgusting. But putting a little of into a cup first thing in the morning with some honey really isn't so bad. It's kind of sour, with a sting to it. Like tart lemonade, in a way. It's drinkable. You want to use the most natural honey you could possibly get, though. The cheapest honeys out there are full of nothing but sugar and NOT real honey properties.

I have been incorporating this into my new health routine lately, while doing stretches daily before my exercise. Stretches are really important for blood flow, which is what I am having issues with. Circulation is a big issue for me, but I am fixing that right now. When I stretch, I stretch my entire body. DAILY. It really helps me feel so much better, and I've been having increased energy without drinking coffee! Yay for progress!

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