Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Are You an Ingredient Snob?

So, tell me, are you guys 'ingredient snobs'? Do you bypass hair products with sulfates as long as everything else is organic or do you swear by sulfate free? What about parabens? I'm kind of on the 'half and half' side, but leaning more towards the ingredient snob area. Depends on what the product actually does for me.
If there's like, one off ingredient, I will overlook it and continue to use without worrying. After all, one little bad thing isn't going to kill me. We may avoid certain things on our hair and skin, but guess what. We may eat the same chemical in one of our many tainted foods, or something even worse that'll still enter our bloodstream. That's why I said, it depends on what the ingredient is. As far as sulfates, sulfate free shampoo is easy to find nowadays so I will always stick with that. Same for parabens. 
I no longer use products with artificial colors and scents, or petroleum and waxes. I scan the ingredient list carefully before I buy something new for my hair and I weigh the costs. If I don't know what the ingredient is, I either research it or I don't buy it until I know what it does. This is why I have yet to try Taliah Waajid products, because a lot of their ingredients aren't organic and very questionable. They have petroleum and laureate sulfates. Doesn't mean the product isn't good or doesn't work; I'm just kind of picky when it comes to my family's hair and skin.
As usual, this is open for discussion. I want to hear your opinions! Are you an ingredient snob? Do you know someone who is? Do you know someone who has gone way too far with it? What harmful ingredients do you believe work for your hair no matter what? Let me know here or on Facebook! 

Peace out, ya'll! Have a great day!