Sunday, October 12, 2014

Avoiding Fairy Knots & Splits

New video! This is how I 'cure' my bushy ends. ;) #curlsofinnocence

On another note, have you guys always wondered what to do about fairy knots and bad splits in your natural hair?

Yes, this is the best (actually, only) way to combat this. You can't 'repair' them. You can't detangle those tiny little knots and somehow get them out; I have tried! LOL! I have 4A type hair in the front sides of my hair and that's where I get the most breakage and splits for some reason. It knots easier than the rest of my type 3 hair. Occasionally, I'll examine my hair and I'll come across something like what you see above. Yes, you will lose a tad bit of length cutting it off with shears, but it's better than to have it still sitting there, splitting the rest of your hair off and breaking.

Tips to avoid fairy knots:
-Detangle with fingers first before using a wide-toothed comb
-NEVER use a paddle brush until you've at least attempted finger detangling first
-Only detangle when your hair is wet. Not damp, WET, preferably with conditioner or coconut oil
-Keep your hair in a stretched state
-Avoid products that have a lot of chemicals, they tangle and dry your hair more

Hope you enjoyed this post. Peace out till later, curly mamas! ;)

~Epic Realist~