Thursday, October 23, 2014

My NATURAL HAIR Health Update! ;-) October 2014

Hiya, guys! I made a video explaining why I dye only the ends of my hair. Hope you enjoy and if you're thinking about coloring your hair, consider this technique.

Hair health: Currently my hair appears to be in great shape. I am deep conditioning every other week, doing more wash and gos, and experimenting with more protective styles.



Products: Since I can't afford too many Shea Moisture products at the moment, I am still using that Cantu leave in conditioner as my primary moisturizer, and I use my holy grail oil on top of that for MAXIMUM moisture sealing. This Cantu stuff works so well (for me, that is...Syriah, not so much)! I can rock a twist-out for a freakin week before it starts looking raggedy. Oh, and sometimes, a giant high bun at night works better than a pineapple.
If I am not using the Cantu, I use either the Shea Moisture Curling Souffle for my twist outs with the oil on top or I use the LA Curl Activator gel for a superb wash & go after washing my hair.

Postpartum Shedding: Actually, my postpartum shedding has been very minimal this entire time! Only my edges have been shedding, but still, not as much. Since my last baby is almost 6 months now, it's been dwindling down even more. Video about that is coming very soon! ;-)

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