Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fancy Flat Twists!

Heya, guys!
I am sorry that I didn't find time to do a tutorial on this hairstyle, but here it is.

I whipped this up on Symari's hair 3 days ago before we all made a trip to Chuck E Cheeses for their cousin's birthday party, It was pretty simple.
I didn't use any products because I had already moisturized her hair two days ago and the braids were still going, but during her bath, I wet her hair slightly, combed it out a bit, and did this style. The flat twists in the front are twisted forward instead of back, but the back ones go downward. That big metal barette really topped off the whole style and she got a lot of stares. ;)

Hope you guys enjoyed this style and blog post! Stay curly!

~Epic Realist~
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