Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Homeschooling Blog is on TUMBLR, Not Here!

I have had a few people coming here asking for homeschooling advice. I am flattered; however, this is not the homeschooling blog! I have a separate blog for that... it's on Tumblr!

For daily updates on that also, follow Instagram and Facebook.
I don't update Tumblr as much as I wish, only because I can't directly link my IG to the homeschooling Tumblr page. It would have to be the main page, but I have 4 Tumblr blogs and it won't let me choose which one I want to link to IG. But oh well. If you want to follow it, you can.

I recently changed this cover on YouTube to add the new family vlog channel. Check it out if you haven't already.
I am in the process of doing long term hairstyles on my kids that'll last for weeks because my pregnancy is at 33 weeks. And I'm super exhausted now. Can't do much of anything with everyone's hair all the time.
Stay tuned for natural hair updates when I can.