Sunday, April 22, 2012

Criss Cross Twists and Organic Products

Hola, curly mamas! A few days ago, I tried a new random hairstyle on Syriah. Here it is!
It's nothing super spectacular, but I'm proud of it because I came up with it. As you can see, I design my own cute artwork through Adobe Photoshop, which I LOVE doing. I love photography... children's photography. I finally found time to do this in between getting ready for baby.
As far as products, I used my usual favorites: the Shea Moisture curly pudding and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). Syriah's hair has been in the best health thus far. It's growing rapidly the way it's supposed to, not like the way it was last year. Last year, I was really new to natural hair care, and I took practically a whole year of research and experimentation to find out what to do and not to do with her hair. Like I may have mentioned before, my new daughter will be lucky because she's going to start off not having any chemicals in her little hair or on her body, because now I know better and we can also afford to do better this time.
Tip of the day: Try to avoid excessive combing on your daughter's hair. Do as little as you possibly can. It's best to gently finger comb to avoid breakage. Also, do not brush a lot, especially around the edges. Hopefully you guys own boar's head brushes (Denman brushes), and if you do not, I advise you to get one. That's the best kind of brush for African American hair.
This picture here is a stash of all of the natural/organic products that I've switched to recently. You can see the Shea Moisture pudding and shampoo, the glass jar under that is a mixture of my own shea butter concoction for hair AND body. To the left is the EVOO I use, and the Earth Mama baby wash/shampoo that I got for the new baby. Then there's Tom's all natural deodorant, because I'm sick of the normal ones either irritating my armpits or having to use the harmful spray kind, and my Burt's Bees lip balm. On the right is my PerioWash mouthwash and the matching PerioBrite toothpaste. Just a piece of how I am working to improve my family's overall lifestyle as far as health. These products are all awesome so far.
Pregnancy update? Currently 34 weeks and waiting! Few more weeks to go! =)
Well, that's all I have for now. Questions or comments? Comment below or on Facebook. Peace out, curly mamas! <3