Friday, July 27, 2012

Vanna Venom- Eccentric Hairstyles and Colors!

Hiya, ladies! Okay, I'm not exactly going to be biased and allow this blog to only be about African-American hair, or curly hair, or even natural hair. I like hair, period. So today, I thought of a different 'subject'.
I came across this girl who I've seen before on the internet years ago. Her 'name' is Vanna Venom. I've seen a pic of her a long time ago, but I didn't pay much attention. I didn't know her name then, either. I saw her again today while looking for pics of hair highlights that I might want in my hair. When I tell you that this girl has the most eccentric hairstyles I've ever seen, I seriously mean that.
It's weird, but cool at the same time. Some of the things she's done with her hair are actually cute to me. She's taken the scene girl look to another level. I've never even heard of the term scene girl. Apparently, it defines punk girls, emo girls, hardcore girls. She's weird, but cute and unique in her own way.
Dont' get me wrong; most of these styles I wouldn't dare wear in my own hair!

  I just find this girl's style really... interesting. I really want to know how she even got some of those effects in her hair, the whole raccoon look. How the freak did she get those shapes in her hair? Kind of awesome. Like I said, I'm not doing this to my hair. I want to be different, but not like this. I'm not a follower. Besides, I'm married with three kids. What would I look like dying my hair like this? Talk about immaturity!
But anyway, Vanna Venom's hairstyles are the most eccentric I've ever seen. The colors, the bangs, everything. People say that 80% of her hair is just extensions, which seems about right, considering that the back of her hair is abnormally 'poofy' and lifted completely off her head. Someone may say that people who do things like this have 'issues'. So what if they do? We all have issues, don't we? Just because we choose to not implement our 'issues' into how we wear our hair doesn't mean anything. Well, she's her own person, all right, even though I heard that she sometimes hates on people who want to copy her. 
I say it's kind of a good thing, having people admire you. I think hubby and I are kind of re-starting a revolution here in the ATL because of Jamian's rat tail... and the rat tail in hubby's own hair that I created recently. People haven't seen rat tails in years, apparently, so everyone who sees us loves it and admires us for doing it. Probably giving them ideas about giving their own sons a rat tail. Hey, you have to be you. Do what makes you happy. If you're comfortable with it, then do it. Don't just do something for attention. If you do something for the wrong reasons, it may backfire. I think we all have experienced that at some point in life.
So there's my random hair post. Gonna start talking about different hair topics sometimes. I like my stuff to have a little bit of diversity to it. Hope you enjoy! Questions? Comments? Tell meh!
Peace, curly mamas.

~Epic Realist~