Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy 4rth of July, everyone! I really wish I knew how to do one of those fancy hairstyles that I've seen other people do, you know, the ones where they put big corn-braided stars in their daughter's hair. It looks really difficult, and I haven't had much time to even try it. much less practice it. But they look awesome.
Doesn't matter, though. I'm not big on holidays anyway. LOL! It just would have been another new hairstyle to practice and perfect.
On another note, I have a picture to show of Syriah's puffball that she wore yesterday to a kid's play place called Kids Planet. It surprisingly still looked good after her playing around for four hours.
I used Eco Styler gel in her hair for the first time ever, along with some shea butter. Loved the results! I'm not looking forward to washing her hair again when I can, because the new shampoo that I've been trying isn't working all that well. It's a brand called Organix, and their coconut shampoo isn't as moisturizing as I would have liked. I only got it in the first place because last time I went to Walgreens to get my Shea Moisture shampoo, they were fresh out... of that and the other curling stuff they have. Both of them were gone, and when I asked an employee about it, they said that the truck hadn't come in yet with another stock.
Figures. This whole natural kick is going viral, and every natural product ever created is beginning to fly off the shelves lately. Walmart had better get with it! They're beginning to, though. I've heard that they now carry Taliah Waajid products now, even though I think that brand has way too many chemicals to be considered natural.
Well, I've got to roll now. It's dinner time. I cooked some good stuff... brown rice, sweet potatoes, and baked chicken! Haha!
Until next time, curly mamas!