Thursday, May 16, 2013

Syriah's 2nd Length Check! WAIST LENGTH!

Hola, you curly naturals!
I'm doing a short update on Syriah's hair length. Her last length check was in October 2012.
So now, it's May and I have done another one. Her hair has seriously grown in 7 months! 
It's 18 inches long, which is ironically the same length as my hair, but because she's shorter, of course, it'll be waist length on her. I am totally impressed with myself and how I've been taking care of it!
Her routine/regimen is pretty much still the same as I updated it last time, but I've been using random samples from the hair show on her just to try them. Taliah Waajid's kid's line is pretty awesome. That Easy Herbal Comb Out is silky, has no chemicals, and smells soooooo good. I might actually have to pick it up in Walmart one day if I see it. Looks like she can rock a wash and go with that stuff. ;-) 
As you can see, I'll be using my new logo on my pictures and what not. Free marketing! I have jars of my whipped shea butter here for 12 dollars if anyone cares to know how I got Syriah's hair this long and healthy. Questions or comments? Hit me up! Peace out, curly mamas!