Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Best Braid-out EVA! ~Day 4 Update~

Heya, curlies! It's been a while. I have been sooooo busy lately. We just moved and finally got settled in with everything. :)

I did a braid out the other day, and it came out AWESOME! I mean, super awesome. I had eight braids in my hair for three days (using damp hair with shea butter and oil), and when I took my hair out, it was super defined!
Now this video was done on the first day hair. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWlv8C2vuoQ
Today, I am on day four, and I'll probably have another video up soon showing how it looks and how big and fluffy your hair gets each day. Lots of frizz, but still good enough to wear outside if need be. ;)
Pics of day 4 hair:

Compare that to the video above lol!
Syriah's hair is still in mini braids now for 3 weeks. They're a little frizzy, but still holding up well with proper maintenance (water and coconut oil every other night, stocking cap before bed). I'll have a video about that up very soon.
Peace out, ladies! Stay curly!

~Epic Realist~