Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Organic Soap/Money Saving Tips

Heya! This is a post showing you guys the new natural soap that I just purchased and tried. It's amazing so far.

I ordered this stuff from because hubby and I were looking for an organic soap that will last with our family of five (almost six). I wanted to try a liquid body soap just to see if it would last longer than using a bar soap. Previously, we were using Dove because for a while, we couldn't afford the natural soaps that we were buying a year and a half/two years ago anymore. But now that we can again, this was a good choice because we love this stuff!
So this Dr. Woods soap smells wonderful. Some people said it smelled like licorice, but hey, that's not a bad smell to me. It's ALL natural, not one chemical or animal fat or dye it it. I love black soap anyway because it's very cleansing, so I was actually surprised to see that this stuff was moisturizing to my skin and not at all drying. We got a pack of two (about 25 bucks in total), but it's well worth it. I'm hoping that both of these bottles last us over 3-4 months. We shall see!
And the best part about it is that the whole family can use it, including baby Jalani when he comes in a few weeks. I love buying products that are versatile for the whole family because you waste a hell of a lot of money when you have to buy things separately, like lotion for you, then lotion for your kids. Hair products for you, then hair products for your kids. Detergent for you, then detergent for your kids. Some things require that, but most things don't. I am realizing that more and more that being natural with all of your products cuts way down on the amount of money you spend purchasing products that cost a ton and end up harming you in the long run anyway. We are currently using home made detergent, deodorant, disinfectant spray, baby wipes, and toothpaste right now as well as cloth diapers, and saving a ton while being more eco-friendly. That's what being natural is all about, right? It's not all about our hair looking it's curliest and freshest.

Here is my braid out from two days ago before I washed my hair. This is like, 6th or 7th day hair; I forgot! But it looked good down to the end. #progress

If you haven't tried any natural soaps, you might want to start looking into them. They are way better and healthier on your skin and has a ton to choose from. Hope you ladies enjoyed this post! Peace out till later, curlies!

P.S.: NEW business card design! 

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