Thursday, June 12, 2014

Why Do We Care About Blue Ivy's Hair?

Hiya, guys! I am writing this post about Blue Ivy's natural hair because it appears that everyone is really going hard on Beyonce for this.
It's more of a rant than anything else, and because I don't ever really care to discuss celebrities, this is kind of... a first.
So, most of us can agree that Bey has poor Blue looking like a ragamuffin when she's out in public. The child has terribly dry, matted hair that looks like it has unintentional locs and knots in it. Now I know that she's only 2 or 3 years old, but with Bey having all the money she has, strolling out with high dollar weaves, her daughter definitely shouldn't be looking like this. 
The thing that bothers me is the fact that although Blue's hair looks worse than a wet dog stuck by porcupine needles, we black women, mostly the ones that are natural now, are actually petitioning to have Beyonce comb Blue's 'nappy' hair. -___- So let me get this straight. We're raving and rising up to someone who probably won't give a rat's you-know-what about what we say just because we're offended over the fact that her daughter's hair isn't kept up? Why is this offending us? Hell, it's not offending me. I could care less; it isn't my child. It's disturbing, but hey. Bey is a celebrity who obviously doesn't care about what people think of her daughter's hair. Why should she care or pay any attention to what WE want?
Some people say that Bey is trying to make a statement, as if to say that little girls shouldn't have to have ponytails and barrettes to look cute. I would agree with that if her hair was at least in a neat afro, not matted down like it hasn't seen water or a comb in weeks. I mean, seriously. A little girl in a neatly combed fro is fine. Throw a headband on it and call it a day. These pics make Blue look like a little boy, a little neglected boy. Makes no sense that a celeb's child would look like this, and not just once, but every time she steps out of the house. 
But like I said, why are we trying so hard to change Bey's perspective on this? Whatever her perspective is, it's HER child! We cannot and will not change her mind. Whenever SHE wants to actually do Blue's hair or hire someone to do it is completely up to her. It's not like she's going to come across that so-called petition and say, "Omg, I didn't know that you guys felt so strongly about this! I'm gonna lose my fans if I don't comb Blue's hair! Oh, no!" Really? 
We're still going to be jammin to her music, and she's probably going to laugh and continue to do what she wants. What can we do? Not a damn thing. So stop trying!
Worry about your own child. I'm quite sure that Blue has everything else she needs in life, whereas some of our children don't. People focus way too much on what a celebrity is doing instead of focusing on their own lives. It's not that serious. Trust me. Blue won't... look like this forever. I guarantee that one day, she'll go to her mom and ask for a hairstyle. What little girl doesn't do that at some point?
So chill, folks. We're not going to die if we see one more pic of Blue's unkempt hair. We'll survive and so will she. 

I'm just being real. It's what I do. #realist

Hope you enjoyed. Peace!

~Epic Realist~

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