Friday, June 27, 2014

Protective Styling Time!

Hiya, curlies! It's protective styling time for me. Life is extremely hectic right now. So I put mini braids in my hair again. My hair has seriously grown from the last time I did these, which was October 2013.

October 2013

Now (June 2014)

Excuse the creepy faces and the blue lipstick; I was being silly lol! But yes, my hair has grown a ton since this pic. Ironically, I had the same shirt on. ;)

I uses whipped shea butter and Eco Styler gel as I always do when doing this style. It holds up extremely well. Most people think that this is a weave because it's 'so pretty it looks fake', and they are shocked when I tell them that it's not. lol

Here is my latest video! I hope that you guys enjoy the topic. Sorry that I have been MIA a bit, but these kids are a lot to handle. With a newborn again, I am extremely sleep deprived and whatever little energy I have left nowadays often goes into trying to build up my YouTube page. So enjoy... and SUBSCRIBE!

~Epic Realist~