Tuesday, September 16, 2014

╰☆╮Math, Reading, & Hair Gel REVIEW? | Vlogtember Day 11


Heya, guys! New video is live above!

Still doing the Vlogtember thing. It's fun! I love integrating hair tips and reviews into my daily life as I am able to. lol

This LA Curl Activator Gel is amazing! It doesn't even feel like a gel when it dries. It's nowhere near hard or crispy, and it doesn't have a weird lasting smell. Hair is still bouncy and big when it dries. I'll do a review soon on how it made MY hair look and act.

The only problem that I have with this stuff is that it makes Syriah's twists unravel once it's dry! That's how soft of a hold it is. O_O

Doesn't matter, though. I won't be using this stuff all the time unless I want to devote myself to wash and gos for the next few weeks. But because of the chemicals in it, I shall see. The KCCC that I usually use is a better option, ingredient-wise, but I don't like the results as much surprisingly. Life is pretty busy, and I don't always like to use my time twisting or braiding my hair to get defined results. So we shall see. Soon, Syriah will have a long lasting protective style... it's been ages since I took a serious break from styling her hair.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Peace out!

~Epic Realist~