Monday, September 15, 2014

Shampoo / Conditioner Bottle Ratio? + Vlogtember Vlogs

Hiya, curlies!

I got some new products a few days ago. Nothing special, just some random gels at Walmart that I have yet to try.

I have already tried the Olive oil cholesterol stuff and the Shea Moisture gel before. But I haven't used that SM gel in over a year, so I decided to try it again. Last few times that I have tried it, it didn't work very well for me. It left my hair sticky, slimy, and undefined! So I wanted to try it again, just to see if the reason it didn't work for me was because it has coconut oil in it (protein sensitivity) or I was simply using it wrong... again. lol
The V05 stuff is so cheap that I've been using it a lot lately on the entire family.  Of course, the conditioner bottles run out so much faster than the shampoo bottles! 
The ratio is like; for every one bottle of shampoo = three bottles of conditioner. -______- #naturalhairproblems 
Those two other gels I have never tried. People rave about that ORS Lock & Twist gel, and so far, I see why. It worked wonderfully on Jamian's hair! Finger coils for the WIN! #curlsofinnocence

I will be reviewing this stuff on my hair very soon, as well as the other gel.  These aren't natural gels, but I wanted to try them anyway. I'm not that much of a #ingredientNazi anymore. I use what works! 
Enjoy the videos and peace out till later!

Random Cantu leave in style ;)

~Epic Realist~