Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Hair Routines

Hiya, peeps! Hope you guys are having a great holiday season. Mine is... meh... not all that interesting, but we're all alive and grateful anyway.
For my hair, I may have a special holiday hair video put together soon, and also might straighten Syriah's hair like I do every year around Christmas (yay!). I haven't been doing too much with anyone's hair lately. We're just coming out of a super rough situation at home and still recovering from it. So everyone's hair has pretty much been protected and pinned up until wash day. I don't have time to moisturize the kid's hair every other day the way I did in the past, but that's okay because using Whipped Curly Butter on top of a leave in is all the moisture they need for a week. On the second week, I take it down, re-moisturize, and re-braid/re-twist for another week, then wash, condition, repeat.
This method works and fits my busy lifestyle now. I have little jobs that I do work from home doing, as well as homeschooling, cooking, etc. I have an actual part time job now as well that I won't be starting until January.

For my hair, I keep it twisted or braided up right after washing, and I still wash every week unless I wore twists the entire week. If I do, then I wear a twist out for the following week, then shampoo my hair.


So, yes, I may do some special holiday hairstyle video just to see if I can conjure up anything new and exciting. If I don't end up doing it, don't fret. Videos are still coming! The new year will bring more opportunities. I've got reviews coming up, NEW concepts, and new ideas for Curls of Innocence. I will not let life get me down to where I cannot do what I have grown to love. So stay tuned & peace out! xD

~Epic Realist~