Sunday, March 1, 2015

Baka Beautiful Review Coming Up?

Hiya, curly mamas! It's been forever. Uber busy once again. I have a review of the Baka Beautiful products coming soon. It's a 'natural relaxer', and no, it's not one of those freakish gimmicks to make you buy the product, claiming to 'fix' your natural texture. It's all natural and clay based. But it's a kit, with a process that I have to try within about 3-4 weeks, so the review won't be ready until later on this month. I'll do a video about it and probably do a detailed blog post as well. So stay tuned!
By the way, my mini braids are out! ;-)
 They lasted for two weeks, and then my scalp was beyond itchy. So I wet my hair with my aloe vera juice and water mixture and added LOADS of coconut oil to the braids. Taking them out was annoying, but it was a breeze. Three hours compared to the five hours that it took to install them. O_O
Stay tuned to YouTube for the Baka Beautiful review coming soon enough. ;)

~Epic Realist~