Monday, April 27, 2015


Hey, peeps! Check out my vlog for the World Natural Hair Show! I had a ton of fun, even though I decided to bring the kids, considering that they don't get out much. I think they had more fun than I did. More pics on my Instagram page, epic.realist! :D

I got to meet Natural Neicey there! One of my favorite natural hair vloggers! She was soooo sweet, and her big hair was gorgeous. Already looking forward to the next show in October!

Got a BUNCH pf products for 60 bucks! That's what I love about these hair shows; everything is on SALE! Mega sale! The Jane Carter stuff was only 5 bucks each! OMG! So, keep an eye out on my channel for product reviews! They'll be a lot of them coming soon.

Peace out, curly mamas! 

~Epic Realist~
IG: epic.realist