Friday, May 1, 2015

Natural Hair Show HAUL! Spring 2015

New video on what I got at the World Natural Hair Show! Check it out.
I supported a new natural hair care line as well. Yay! I am not sure how well the spray leave ins will work on our hair, but we shall see. I had a great time there and hopefully, I'll be attending the fall show in October and be more prepared 'business wise' this time.
Because I ran out of business cards! Waaaaaahahahaha...
I really thought that I had more cards stashed on me, but nope. Also, I was in the process of getting new business cards, but long story, I didn't get around to ordering in time for the show. But oh, well. It's all good. I am working hard throughout the summer to bring more people to my blogs and videos.
Curls of Innocence has been around for quite some time now. It's about time we blossomed! Like and share, please! Oh, and comment. You guys don't comment enough.. on my blogs or vlogs. lol #deadserioustho

Here are some pics of Jam's recent haircut and protective style. His hair has gotten mad long up top! If I'd never cut his hair, this top area would essentially be as long as his rat tail, which reaches his butt right now.

That is all for today. Peace out till later!

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