Monday, January 2, 2017

Four Year Old With 27 Inches of NATURAL HAIR!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Here is my latest video where I do a length check on Symari, which I haven't ever done. Not formally measuring with measuring tape. Her hair is longer than I thought, beating Syriah's record of how long hers was when SHE was four. That's because with Syriah, I was new to learning natural hair care and it was in recovery mode, but Symari's has never been 'damaged'.

So it has had time to grow to it's fullest potential. It's flourishing. Her hair is much finer than her sister's and grows in that traditional V shape that most people's hair grows in. I may straighten it soon to get a definite length check number... if I can get around to it. lol

Someone asked me about my routine for her hair, but it's pretty simple. I may do a video on it soon, but it's pretty simple. Wash and condition once a week with a gentle shampoo ( mostly sulfate free), condition with Tresemme, finger detangle, rinse, oil her scalp with my holy grail oil, and then put it up into a protective style for the week using the most gentle products I can afford. (Cantu, Shea Moisture, Eden Bodyworks) I keep it in braids so it won't get tangled, and sometimes I'll redo the style throughout the week. The style at the end of the video is an example of the kind of styles I'm referring to.

For the new year, there will be more hair videos coming up. I will also do updates on my weight loss journey and all that other fun stuff. I will do better with posting here more often. Stay tuned! ;)

~Curls of Innocence~