Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Shea Moisture F&%#ED Up With Racist Ad?

Hey guys! So, I know that everyone has already heard about the whole Shea Moisture fiasco, with the new ad showcasing Caucasian women instead of us. I already made a video about this topic, so if you have not yet seen it, here it is.

This topic has pretty much died down now, but I still feel the same way. I am still limiting my Shea Moisture purchases from here on out. This company was built on the backs of blacks, and yet again, it's being stripped away from us as usual. I don't support that! Hope you enjoy the video.

I have not been writing in this blog lately. I've been finding ways to balance my time since having baby #5 around. I will get it together. Life hasn't been very favorable this year, but it'll all mellow out. I am still making videos for your guys, just not as consistent at the moment. 
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~Curls of Innocence~