Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Squat Challenge! Day 12

Still doing it! I have not given up yet. My legs are transforming, but this is very painful, as you might imagine. But I'm proud of myself for taking it on and continuing!

Today is day 12, which is rest day. I'm happy for rest day. I've been doing other stretches and exercises daily, so I use this rest day to rest completely with the exception of daily stretching. I HAVE to do that. My body cannot get tense ever again! It's a HABIT for real!
If you follow me on Instagram (Curls of Innocence), you may have seen today's post already about it!

I might do a Youtube video on it soon, if I get the chance. We're currently in the process of moving, so a lot of things will be on hold. If you want to start this challenge, go for it and let me know! Peace out till later!

~Curls of Innocence~