Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Squat Challenge! Day 5

Hey curlies! I have been on a weight loss/fitness journey for a while now. I recently started a new squat challenge to try something new and challenge myself. I haven't given up and I'm on day 5!

Honestly, I didn't think I'd make it to day 5 because I sit down waaaaay too much at the moment. But I've been doing better. It's hard when you're dealing with depression and anxiety. However, I have been making a huge effort to stretch several times a day because my body gets really stiff and I hate that now. This squat challenge is pushing me to my limits and I love it! I have to thank my only friend (thanks, Starr!) for inspiring me to try it, because hell, I've been seeing these memes for years, but never had the motivation to actually do it instead of sitting around and wishing. LOL

So my poor legs have been burning like crazy, but I am not going to stop. My knees especially need this workout. I have fat around my knees and that isn't good. You can't tell, but I have cellulite everywhere on my legs. It's painful and ugly and I am ready to get rid of it. I'm also working on my belly because that's where the majority of my weight lies. I don't look as if I'm 175 pounds, but I am. After having 5 kids, that's pretty good, though. lol 
Well, that's my update on this. I will keep it up. I mentioned this on Instagram already. If you guys want to join in, let me know, or if you're advance, you can start today on day 5 and we can work it together! I know a lot of people need motivation to get moving because it's very hard these days to stick to anything when you have so many distractions.
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