Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby is Finally Here!

Hooray! My daughter is finally here! Born at 40 weeks... a new record for me. Symari was 7lbs, 7oz, 20 inches long, my biggest and fattest baby of the three. Below are pics of my husband and I with sheer relief and happiness. LOL!

I'm so glad that I escaped the C-section. That eggplant parmesan recipe must have worked because I wasn't dilating at first, and then three days after continuously eating that stuff, I went to the hospital and was dilated at five centimeters. Baby was born about four hours later.
I was so in pain that I almost ended up with the epidural, even though I wanted another all natural birth like I'd had with my first daughter, but I asked for it too late, when she was about to come. So much more painful than the first time, probably because this baby was a whole two pounds heavier. I squeezed the hell out of my husband's hand! But she slipped out in three hard pushes and it was finally over. She's a cutie!
Syriah and Jam went googly eyed when we bought Symari home. They love their new sister... so far. Wonder when the jealousy will hit. For now though, I'm going to enjoy the view. Hehe.
Well, as you may have guessed, my hands are pretty full now, more than before. Hubby's still home, helping me recover. I'm glad that I can walk... slowly, but I'm moving. Body is still sore. The afterbirth pains of my uterus are horrible, and my breast milk just came in, so I still have pain from every angle. Bleh. Just have to wait all that out.
On a 'hair note', my new daughter's head is completely full of hair, which is no surprise because so were my other two. Her's is probably just a bit longer because she stayed inside the womb two weeks longer than they did. I love soft baby hair! I'm excited about having all natural products to use in her hair as she gets older, and I won't go through the damaged process that I went through with Syriah because I just know more about taking care of kid's hair. So I'm happy. =)
There's my huge update. Gotta go now... toddlers are down for nap and Symari is asleep. It's time for me to eat something and keep that up so I can breastfeed well. Peace out till later, curly mamas! <3

~Epic Realist~