Sunday, June 24, 2012

Avoiding/Removing Rubber Bands

Hey, peeps! I've been slowly getting back to 'hair life' after having another baby, so I created another random twist hairstyle on Syriah. Yes, I know rubber bands aren't the best things to use, but there is a 'right' way to use them.
Some people say it's best to soak them in olive oil before using them, so that they don't pull your daughter's hair out. They swear by it. I don't exactly do that, but my method also works. All I do is completely de-tangle and moisturize Sy's hair before even applying the rubber bands, usually using my shea butter mixture or a Shea Moisture cream. I don't leave the rubber bands in her hair for more than two days, unless they're on the ends of her hair to hold beads in place or something. Also, before I take them out, I put some kind of oil on her hair to loosen up the rubber bands, and then later on slip them off. It's easy and they don't get tangled in her hair at all. The rubber bands are so slippery, I can take them off the same exact way I put them in with no tangles or tears.
I don't even use rubber bands a lot anyway; I mostly use the Goody brand ponytail holders. Those don't even come close to getting stuck in hair. LOL!
I've seen women who swear that rubber bands make their girl's hair grow, and that couldn't be more far from the truth. No hair accessory 'makes' your hair grow. They can either stimulate your scalp in a good way or a bad way, and it's usually more bad than good. Having those tight little things on your scalp all the time isn't good for anyone. Your daughter will lose more hair than she will gain. The rubber slowly eats away at your hair cuticles and there will be a lot of breakage.
Tip of the Day: Whatever your method is as far as rubber bands, just be careful. Never yank or pull them out because they will cause breakage. You may not see it, but you will over time. I don't understand why some mothers continue to use rubber bands excessively... using them on dry hair... and then pulling them out only to apply more for the next week. Elastics tend to do the same thing, but they are a tad bit gentler. I don't use them because Sy's hair is way to silky to even hold those things. They come right out every time!
Oh, and don't buy hair ties with metal on them. Those can also get stuck in your hair and pull it out slowly. I don't buy anything with metal on it... haven't done so in years. When you know better, you should always do better. We're all obviously trying to achieve healthier hair, or you wouldn't be on this blog in the first place. So let's practice healthier hair management! =)

Until later, curly mamas! Hope everyone has a great day.
~Epic Realist~