Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Mini Twists!

So, I finally tried mini twists on Syriah's hair. I washed her hair and used only my shea butter mixture on her wet hair, detangled, parted with my fingers, and began to do the tiniest twists I'd ever done. It was kind of fun. It took 2 hours, which is less than what I thought it would have taken.
I did pretty well, and I'm hoping that this lasts about 3 weeks. This is a very effective protective style, and if you have time, it's good to do if you don't feel like doing your daughter's hair every day or every other day. I love seeing her flip the twists back and forth!
I've been wrapping it every time she lays down for bed or to take a nap, and it's going quite well so far. Like the picture says, let's see how long this lasts!

Peace out till later, curly mamas! =)