Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mini Twist Update

So, Syriah's mini twists have been going strong. It's been a week now. For once, I don't have a picture of it. It's been kind of hectic lately and I haven't taken many pictures. But the twists are holding up. I've been wrapping them every night so far. They're getting a bit fuzzy and some of them have began unraveling, but once I used some of the Cantu natural curly cream on them, they looked fresh again. I'm hoping to go for another week of this style.
I know that they wouldn't look as bad as they do for one week if Syriah didn't insist on putting her head all over the carpet in her gymnastic attempts, but hey. She's three. I can't help that much. So maybe next time I feel like doing the mini twists, she'll be a bit older and maybe she won't be in 'headstand mode'.
Her baby sister, Symari's hair is growing like a weed. Literally. She's 2 months and her hair is already 3 and a half inches long and the thickness is out of this world. It must be what I'm doing to it... using only all natural Earth Mama baby shampoo and coconut oil in it. Everyone comments on her hair. In fact, we get great hair comments on all of our kid's hair because I try my hardest to take care of it. Now I have to work on other areas of their little lives, like getting them something new and fun to do every day/week. -__-
Until next time, curly mamas! =)

~Epic Realist~