Friday, October 19, 2012

Dr. Miracles Curl Care Review

Hiya, curly mamas! I got a new product completely by accident in Walmart... long story. But its this Dr. Miracles creme. I had seen this before in a beauty supply store, and I liked the smell of these products. Kind of therapeutic. It has menthol in it, so it's like using Vicks in your head. It also has a 'watermelony' smell to it. Well, I think it smelled like watermelons. LOL! I tried it and it felt awesome! It really was weightless like they claim it to be in the description. Creamy and silky like a normal natural hair creme.
Product description: Weightless Moisturizing Crème (8 Oz; $8.99)—Blended with Coconut & Vitamin E, use this lightweight, fast-absorbing crème to moisturize and add a natural shine while styling curls.
It had a heavy menthol smell, but I kind of liked it. I think I may have used too much of it, because my head was literally burning as if I had a freakin perm in my head! But it made my itchy scalp go away for the time being. I guess whenever my scalp is itchy, I can use this stuff, and it'll probably help on days when my allergies are tearing my sinuses apart and I can't breathe worth a lick.
It's something that I got just to try out, but I'm not sure I would keep buying this product. I don't think I'll always want that menthol smell on me, and because the entire product line smells like that, uh, no. Can't do it, rather not do it.
Besides all that, I finally finished and uploaded my mini twist review video with the III Sisters creme I got at the hair show. I should have done it two weeks ago, but it's been busy and hectic around here lately, with three kids under three years old, a house to keep clean, countless appointments, and endless laundry. But my second video is up on my channel. It's not very amusing like the last one, and it's pretty basic. I hope you guys enjoy it anyway.
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Peace out, curly mamas!

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