Thursday, October 11, 2012

World Natural Hair Show 2012!

The World Natural Hair Show sponsored by Taliah Waajid was awesome! I brought Syriah along with me, and we hung out for hours. It was like heaven in there... hair products, skin products, jewelry, music, and other random products for sale. Hubby let me splurge because it was my first 'real' time out of the house in months, so I spent almost 70 bucks in natural hair products and jewelry. It was so worth it!
If you look closely at the pictures, I bought the Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream, the Jamaican Mango and Lime Springing Gel, the Tropic Isle Living Black Castor Oil, and the III Sisters of Nature Natural Lengthening Cream. I have never previously tried any of these products, and I have never heard of the III Sisters products at all. Apparently, they do knock-offs of Kinky-Kurly and Miss Jessie's products. I have used this cream already, and it's great. The smell if out of this world... it smells like raspberry sherbet!
No lie. The smell is GREAT, and it stretches your hair!
I also got lots of samples of other hair products and lotions, and I got the hair show T-shirt and I got another T-shirt for free with the III Sisters product.

Syriah had a good time being out of the house. She and I were kind of matching with our clothes, only she had on mostly pink and I had mostly blue. 
The winner of the natural contest was there, and she spoke on stage, looking very pretty. I think her name was Jessica Williams. I think I might enter one of those contests for next year, and hope to win mounds of cash, a year of Taliah Waajid products for free, and become a spokesperson for them. Sounds like fun. Hehe. =D
So we had a great time. They even had a little kid's corner there for kids to be creative and do some arts and crafts and play video games. Syriah loved it.

As if I wasn't happy enough, when hubby picked me up and took me home, he had a surprise waiting for me.. roses, a cheesecake, some jewelry, and the sweetest card I'd ever seen! <3 I was almost in tears. My life had been so rough and emotional lately, and I hadn't been happy in a long time. But that day was really awesome.
Oh, and I will sure be attending the spring hair show, since it's at the same place next year! =D
Peace, curly mamas!

~Epic Realist~