Saturday, February 2, 2013

KCCM Castor Oil Challenge, Week 10 Check-In

Check in from KCCM Castor Oil Challenge, week 10:

1. Where do you go to shop for hair products?
My staple products are from Shea Moisture, and I usually get them from Walmart or Walgreens (whoever's having a sale). I use Tresemme conditioner from Walmart. I get JBCO from Amazon, but I think that I'll check out my nearest beauty supply store again to see if I can avoid shipping costs for that. ;-)
2. Do you read product labels? Why or why not? Hell yeah, I do! I always have, even before I went natural. That's just me (health fanatic); I've always read ingredients everywhere, even on food and researched about them. I honestly don't like using ingredients that I can't even pronounce. I believe that it's the key to great health overall, because if you know better, you do better. Avoiding certain ingredients makes you wiser and healthier in the long run.
3. How did you do last week (week 9)? Did you follow through with your goals? Any challenges thus far?
I've been hanging on. My whipped shea butter has JBCO in it, and that's my only form of JBCO right now until I get money to purchase more. So I've been using the shea butter probably... three times a week? It's great moisture in my hair, and I use it on my body as well.

~Epic Realist~