Friday, February 1, 2013

Twisting With Gel

Hiya, guys! I'm just making a quick post about gel. I've had my EcoStyler Olive Oil gel for about a year (huge container) and I just ran out of it. NUUUU! (hyperventilates) MUST GET MORE!
I'm surprised that it lasted that long. But I'm not that avid of a gel user. I usually only use it to smooth edges down and nothing else... on rare occasions. I don't wear ponytails or buns often.
Lately, I've started using more gel for my two strand twists. I use a cream on a section first, make sure my hair is de-tangled, and smooth in some gel throughout the entire section before I twist. It's been working awesome. My twists tend to unravel because I have 3B-3C hair, so I need something to where they won't come undone every minute. The EcoStyler is doing it! Sorry that I don't have pictures at the moment. Life's...well, busy.

Tip of the Day: If your twists come apart a lot, try using gel before you twist. Use only a fingertip amount, depending on how small your twists are. But make sure your twists are moisturized first. You'll reduce the 'crispy' feeling that you usually get with gel, and you hair won't feel hard when it dries. Trust me; it works!
And when you're done wearing the twists, you can take them down for a wicked twist-out. ;-)

Peace, curlies!
~Epic Realist~