Thursday, February 7, 2013

Staple Hair Products from...2011? (Review)

Hiya, curlies! I just wanted to share a picture of the staple products that I used back in 2011. I was already natural at this time, because my last perm was in April 2009. I knew that these products were... more or less 'bad' for your hair, but that was all I could afford then. I wasn't working and I had two young babies at the time.
So, here are the products! Recognize them? LOL
~The African Pride Olive Miracle leave in conditioner smelled really great, but of course, if I can remember, it had mineral oil and a million and one other ingredients that I couldn't even pronounce in it. It did it's job, but like mineral oil products always did for me and my daughter's hair, it was moist for the time being but was parched dry a few hours later. I would twist with it at night, and the next morning, the twists would look a little dried out. So I started doing my hair in the morning, and my hair would still be dry by the time I went to bed. So... um, yeah. No bueno. It was mad cheap for a big jar (I think $2.99), but in the end, it was just utter crap. So glad that I was able to upgrade that next year to home made whipped shea butter and Shea Moisture products. ^_^
~The second product, the Blue Magic Carrot Oil leave in conditioner, was very moisturizing. I think I used it mostly after I washed my hair. But again, lots of foreign ingredients in it. It had protein in it, so, as we may know by now, that was good and bad at the same time. Overuse of protein isn't a good thing. It smelled awesome and was super soft, but I don't exactly miss it.
~The last one, that Smooth and Shine gel stuff... eh, not the best gel in the world. I never used gel much; I only used it for smoothing down my edges. I only got it because it said that it had no alcohol and no flaking. Smells great. I never got any flaking from it, and it worked for the time being. I no longer use it. I still have a half used jar of it sitting in my bathroom cabinet, only because I hate throwing away a lot of product like that. I have a thing for wasting stuff. LOL!
So there's my random product review for what I was using in 2011. Now, I can afford better, so I do much better. These are no longer staple products in my inventory! =)

Until next time... peace out, curly mamas!

~Epic Realist~