Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Conditioner FAIL!

Just washed, conditioned, and braided my hair up. My scalp was super itchy and I had to wash the straightness out. Well, it lasted for a week! I missed my curls, anyway, and my scalp needed water.
I realized that I LOATHE the new Cream of Nature conditioner that I got recently (mentioned in a previous post). Wanted to try something new and the crap ended up having mineral oil, sulfates, cones, and about four different parabens in it. -___-
Yes, I had looked at the ingredients before buying it, but I was somewhat in a rush and said, 'what the hell? It's not going to kill me to try it'. Got it mostly because it was seven bucks and had protein in it.
My hair feels coated beyond reason! I haven't felt this coated feeling in years, since before I went natural and did stringy looking braid-outs and twist-outs with pink lotion every day. Never again. I'll use it up, but never again.
If something has over ten ingredients, then I'm going to leave it alone from now on. 
I-I think I'll stick to Shea Moisture. O.O

~Epic Realist~