Monday, September 16, 2013

RANDOM Hair Chat! (Fall 2013)

Heya, curlies! I have some random hair stuff to talk about. Brace yourselves for randomness! ;)
1. I have a new video up. Well, I have another one that I posted yesterday, but this one is a quick vlog about my beauty supply run. My kids are in it! Woo hoo! I have 16 videos up now and 30 subscribers. Working on getting more, more, MORE! <3

2. My hair has suffered some breakage at the top of my head within the last two months, and I'm not sure how it has. I haven't worn any tight styles at all; I've been wearing braids, twists, braid outs, and twist outs. I think maybe the breakage might have come from those mini braids that I had... maybe having only gel in my hair for two weeks holding those braids together is what broke the top of my hair off, because that's the only place that I can see breakage. I don't know; it's so weird. >_<

3. I have a million and one different textures of hair! I say that because I don't know for sure how many I actually have. Here are about 2 or 3 examples of my hair fresh out of the shower. The back of my hair is really tight, like the kitchen area. I just find it interesting...

4. Little Riah's hair is still flourishing. She got taller this summer, so her hair isn't exactly to her waist anymore, but it's still healthy and growing. Recently, she had bantu knots with flat twists as a style combo and it looked amazing on her.

When the style got frizzy after about 5 days, I made a new style out of it. 


5. Mari's hair is rapidly growing and healthy. I've been doing little baby hairstyles on her, styles that I didn't know how to do when Riah was a baby. She's 15 months old now, and is such a great sport about getting her hair done. She actually sits still... as long as she has something to play with. There's a video on YouTube (which they won't let me embed here, ugh) where I did her hair and she barely moved.



6. My hair doesn't like a lot of protein! I think that I've been figured this out months ago when I did the hair strand porosity test, but I never took it seriously as far as like, deep conditioning. Surely my hair can withstand a weekly deep condition with mayo, right? Not! I have tried it three times already, and each time, my hair was extremely crunchy and dry, lacking serious moisture after air drying it. I hate the feeling that my hair has after using mayo in it. It feels okay right after washing it out, when my hair is still wet, but when it dries, no matter what I put in it afterwards, my hair feels like a bird's nest with Brillo on top. >_>
I'm seriously going to stick with deep conditioners that don't have protein in them, like my Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque. Might even use that for my next natural hair lightening treatment (see previous posts). Other than that, my hair is growing and feeling great. Official length check will come again next month. Stay tuned for that!

7. Jam still has his little rat tail! It's growing, and it's becoming less of a priority to keep it moisturized nowadays because I'm working on me and the girls' hair more, but I do spritz water on it every few days and some leave in moisturizer or my whipped shea butter mix, or both depending on dryness level. I wash it at least once a week, even though he keeps his fat head on the floor constantly. I am still doing his at home haircuts... Mama knows best! ;)

So, that's my long, long random hair update! Hope you guys enjoyed. Check me out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Peace out! 

~Epic Realist~