Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pre-poo & Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter!

Heya guys! This is just a quick post showing Syriah's latest wash day routine and what not. I washed her hair yesterday, but first, I pre-pooed her hair with coconut oil and did finger de-tangling. Then I pinned the sections into bantu knots for later on.

Washing her hair is always fun. I find it just as therapeutic as washing my own hair. LOL! She loves it too. I talk to her about what I'm doing and then let her comb/brush her hair herself. I used my usual Shea Moisture Extra Moisturizing Shampoo and Herbal Essences Hello Hydration for conditioning. I realized that her hair is back past her butt. She gained back the length from the trim I gave her in June. ;) (and she got taller, too. lol)

I edited that second pic because I fell in love with the way she was looking. So cute!

So after I was done washing, I went to work de-tangling with my Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming moisturizer. I didn't need a lot of it because her hair was 90% already de-tangled from the conditioner... no knots whatsoever. Then I applied Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter that was given to me by someone who bought it to try it and hated it lol! But I had tried it about two years ago and although the smell was revolting at first, I enjoyed the way it made my hair feel and didn't mind the smell.
It smelled like an old people/herbal type of smell, but I don't mind it. So I tried it in Syriah's hair. It's kind of like a greasy butter... has beeswax in it and is 99% natural.

I put her hair in 4 braids. The shine was amazing! It felt like it was slicking down her hair very well. I had to use a brush to work the product into her wet hair... beeswax on wet hair is NOT fun to work with, I have come to realize. But the brush helped and it was wonderful! The shine is still there this morning.
So that's my little update and review. See ya later, divas!

My twist out using this product :)

Oh, check out my 'skills' in reversing a cornbraid style last week lol! :-)

                             ~Epic Realist~